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May 25, 2015

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Death of a Bride and Groom was released May 20 in digital and hard copy editions in the U.S. On June 10, it hits Canada, then the U.K. on June 19. Some folks have already received their copies and been kind enough to leave reviews on Amazon. My copies from the publisher are still making their way to me, but thatís okayóI already know whodunit. There are reviews on a couple of blogs:
REVIEWING THE EVIDENCE (lengthy and entertaining) and Christa Reads and Writes (a great overview from another mystery writer).

Iím guest posting on a few book blogs to promote Death of a Bride and Groom. On Thursday, May 28, Iím on Patricia Stolteyís blog talking about my encounter with social media; on Friday, May 29, I show up on Escape with chatting about my beginnings as a story-teller. There are book giveaways with both posts. Thereíll be other blog appearances in early June and Iíll post the exact dates when I know them. Iím honored to be on these great blogs and I hope youíll take a moment to check them out and maybe leave a comment. And donít forget where you are now, Allan Emerson's Blog, (clever name, huh?) where you can contact me, or leave a comment.

I did a reading on local TV a couple of weeks ago, which Iím told will also appear on YouTube. If it does, Iíll let you know where to find it. At least I will if I donít look too much like a deer in the headlights. Actually, the folks making the video were very understanding. They created a relaxed atmosphere and clearly understood they werenít dealing with a professional TV performer.

I had seven minutes to read and at first I thought Iíd never be able to find something that would fit the allotted time and still make sense to someone unfamiliar with the story. I finally decided on a quick story summary followed by an excerpt. The excerpt I chose was from a chapter in which a director is trying to convince ninety-five-year-old actress, Hermione Hopkins, to do a nude scene. I hope it gives viewers the idea that Death of a Bride and Groom has unconventional funny parts (and I donít mean Hermioneís).

Iím planning to post here every week, probably on Tuesdays. Iíll commit to a definite day when things settle down a little. At the moment, Iím still trying to figure out the mechanics of the website that hosts this blog (thank you Authors Guild). And respond to enquiries about Death of a Bride and Groom, and convince bookstores the presence of my book on their shelves will enrich them beyond their wildest dreams, andÖ.

I'm also looking for promotional ideas (that aren't too much of a pain in the wallet), so if you have any, or have seen anything that attracted your attention as a reader, please let me know. What's the cleverest, low-cost promotion you've seen?

See you next week!


  1. January 10, 2016 7:20 PM PST
    Hi Allan, I've just read "Death of a Bride and Groom", and since you asked for feedback, I thought I'd give you some. First of all, congratulations on actually writing a book that doesn't feature the "f" word or similar profanities! So refreshing, and an often-requested condition by the borrowers I work with in my library job. Keep it up!
    My only criticism would be that there were so many characters that I had trouble keeping track of who was who - and a couple of them having similar names didn't help me. Maybe I'm just getting old... Anyway, I'll certainly read the next volume, when it's available in Australia. Thanks!
    - Annette
  2. January 10, 2016 11:52 PM PST
    Thanks for taking time to provide feedback, Annette! It's much appreciated. There are a lot of characters in Death of a Bride and Groom and I can see how you might lose track. You'll be pleased to hear that in the next book, Death of an Action Hero,I've reined in the number of characters, while hopefully keeping the cast varied enough to keep readers entertained. Great to hear from Australia. As you may have noticed from my Bio, I lived there for a while. I was in Sydney--if you don`t mind telling me, what city are you in? Thanks for taking time to comment, and I hope you enjoy the next book in the Honeymoon Falls series.

    - ------------------------------------------

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