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Allan Emerson's Blog

Author Sara Jayne Townsend visits...

Sara Jayne Townsend, author of the Shara Summers mysteries, is my guest today. She’ll be talking about her books, of course, but about other things as well. And naturally, there’s a giveaway! Leave a comment before midnight (PST) August 27 and win a digital copy (Kindle, Kobo, or Nook) of your choice of Death Scene or Dead Cool!

Sara lives and writes in London, England, but spent a large part of her formative years in Canada. In our interview, she talks about the adjustments she had to make each time she relocated, the words she hates to hear most, and her favorite saying. Oh, and don’t forget to extinguish all smoking materials before reading—you’ll see why later.  Read More 
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Children’s books reviewed (a completely unserious but emotional journey)…

Normally, doing a book review is no big problem for me. I can summarize the story, say what I liked or didn’t about it, and do it all in a couple of paragraphs.

Right now, though, I’m having a bit of a problem, even though it’s a children’s book I’m reviewing. Part of the problem is the book is written in French and the review is due (in French, naturally) for my French class tonight.  Read More 
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