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Allan Emerson's Blog


The Crime Time Trio is on the road again! I'll be appearing with Don Hauka and Cathy Ace at Chapters bookstores in Burnaby, Vancouver, and Coquitlam in April. We'll be at Metrotown April 8, Vancouver (the Broadway and Granville store) April 14, and in Coquitlam on April 16. Check the relevant poster below for details.

I'll be hauling out my faux wedding cake with the murder victims atop it (well, how else am I going to get attention for Death of a Bride and Groom?)

Here's a closer look at the unlucky pair. Don't worry, all is not exactly as it seems ;)

Cathy Ace, Don Hauka, and Allan Emerson (that's me on the right below) will be chatting about mysteries, and signing our books. If you get a chance, drop in and say hello. If you'd like a signed copy but can't make it on the day, the store will be happy to set aside a copy for us to sign for you.

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