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Allan Emerson's Blog

I'm doing a new reading at the New Westminster Library...

Our Prime Crime Trio is off again.

Cathy Ace, Don Hauka, and I are doing a reading at the Main branch of the New Westminster Public Library at 716 6th Avenue on February 20, 2016 at 2:00 p.m. That's just five days from today--yipes!

Our last reading went well, and I got a chance to practise reading part of my book in front of an audience. They didn't throw anything, so I figure it must have gone okay.

Oh, and on December 22, just in time for Christmas, Death of a Bride and Groom got a great review in Canadian Mystery Reviews, so that gave me a reason (not that one is ever needed) to help myself to a little extra Christmas fruit cake. (Yes, I'm the one who eats it. I know no one else likes it, but that's okay--more for me!)

Drop in to the Library on the 20th if you can and say hello. The event is free, the Library has our books in stock, and there'll be copies available for cash sales. We'll talk about books, writing, and answer questions from the audience. We'll all be dressed as our favorite Agatha Christie characters (naw--I made that up. Only the first four words of that last sentence are true :) )
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